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The significant problem with all of this, and the one big flaw in my mental construct, is that the amount of players who actually care about *the game, their own freedom and the freedom of others,* can be counted on one hand … two if I try really hard. Everyone else only cares about themselves and their *fun*. This is in stark contrast to how it used to be, when enough people actually cared enough about the game to actually put effort into doing something other than the most instant-gratifying. These people, except for a handful of us, all quit. CCP literally griefed them away. Back then people cared more about satisfaction, than fun. Most people nowadays don’t even know that there’s a difference between these two. They’ve cared about the integrity of the game. They’ve cared about not just their own freedom, but also about the freedom of everyone else.

It is evidenced by CCPs ability to shut up any and all whining virtually instantly, with just a single patch or even just a devblog. Everyone who complains about the game dying, for whatever reason, completely shuts up as soon as CCP again starts dangling the carrot within reach. It goes as far as them deliberately withholding desired changes they can use tactically later on. Lots of changes to Uprising are a perfect example for that. The Red Dot is another.

Of all the people who complain about the game’s state, *almost everyone I’ve seen* exposed themselves as someone who actually only cared about his own fun and none of all the, partly deeper, issues. Nothing mattered anymore as soon as CCP started pleasing them again. It is a completely different population. We are not just simply living in an Idiocracy, we are now living at the end of the democratic western era, spearheading into a pseudo-liberal tyranny where everyone is eventually getting an equal outcome (fun/rewards) regardless of their actual capabilities. Those who formerly could not do now *can*, because those who outsmart them are being griefed away in the name of the new players. It is a worthless, obedient, servant population. It is a population void of individual, critical, conscious thought. It is a spoiled, overly protected population proud of its own physical and cognitive weakness and ignorance, ripe of being controlled and manipulated by any government willing to do so. Just like in real life.

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