Shooting Up, Part Three


I was a big fan of DUST 514. For those who aren’t familiar, this was a PS3 exclusive first-person shooter which ran from 2013 to 2016 that (debatably) connected with Eve Online. To be clear, I wasn’t very good nor do I think the game itself was very good. But, the idea of an FPS […]

Bosmang Learning & Accreditation Program


Oye M’beltas, As mentioned in our anniversary post, one of our main objectives for this year is to develop a program to help provide skill plans, training, financial assistance, and vetting to prospective HMA fleet leaders. While anyone can, and is encouraged to, run an HMA fleet a Bosmang is one who has shown that […]

Everything is Permitted


One of the fundamental tenets of the HMA is that we neither recognize nor issue permits in lieu of fleet participation. In other words, the only way avoid being griefed or ganked by the HMA is to be in an HMA fleet. This is an important distinction between us and other CODE-Friendly organizations. Most who […]

Recommended Reading


Although not as prolific as some, over the past several years we’ve put out enough blog posts to make it difficult for our newer participants to know what is truly important. While I consider all of our posts worth reading there are some that provide distinctive guidance and insight regarding how the HMA operates. To […]

Congratulations, Miss Danuja


As those who are avid readers of the James 315 Space blog are likely already aware, the illustrious Aiko Danuja has decided to retire from Eve Online, at least temporarily. Although she does not say so explicitly, the subtext is clear; she has “won”. Although the departure of such a prominent figure in the CODE-Enforcement […]

Discounted Shipping Available


As most of you are likely aware, Hek – IChooseYou Market and Industry is at risk of being destroyed within the coming days. As the most reliable and reputable Upwell Structure in Hek, many pilots and corporations make it their home. To help assist in relocating assets, RogueCorp is offering flat-rate shipping from ICY to […]

HMA Enforcement


If you’re like most of our members, you often find yourself thinking “I love this narcissistic power fantasy Winston has going on but how can I personally contribute to feeding his massive ego.” Well, ask no more. Today, I will shed some insight on the inner workings of HMA Enforcement and how you too can […]

Discord Channel Guide


Rogue’s Gallery, our public Discord server, is in many ways the center of our community. As such, we are constantly tweaking and updating it to make it place where people want to be. To help you make the most of this happening place, here is a guide to the channels and how to use them. […]

HMASeAT Authentication


In order to maintain a modicum of security, the HMA utilizes SeAT for authentication and automatic assignment of appropriate Discord roles as well as managing participation in our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Most, if not all, of our Eve-Specific channels are locked behind this wall. Below is a guide to help you authenticate yourself in […]

Anti-Ganking: The Hidden Menace


One of the most common points of contention with the HMA is our pro-ganking stance. Which seems like an odd hill to die on considering we are a NPSI mining/ganking community. But, to each their own. Truth be told, it’s not an unreasonable sentiment on the surface. We actively allow and encourage gankers to join […]