2nd Annual April Fool’s Invasion


Oye M’Beltas, It’s that time of year again. Time to invade Uedama, the Gank Capital of New Eden. With Orca boosts and ECM support it is our intention to once again clean out their belts. As before, there will be prizes for participants who bag themselves some gankers. So bring your mining ships, your gun […]

Why “Join” The HMA?


The most significant obstacle for the HMA has always been getting people to participate. I don’t necessarily mean getting people to join our fleets although that can sometimes be a challenge. What I am referring to is getting people involved and engaged in furthering the growth of our friendly neighborhood cartel. Over the past two […]

Introducing the Hull Integrity Test


Honoring our love of both puns and violence, the HMA is proud to announce that we are no longer performing sanctions of unregulated miners. We will now be performing Hull Integrity Tests, or HITs, to ensure that those mining in and around Hek are doing so safely and responsibly. Although nothing is changing policy-wise, framing […]

Enforcing Compliance


The HMA prides itself on being an inclusive community. Everyone is welcome to take part in our fleets as long as they are willing to abide by our rules. So, what do we do with folks who either fail to abide by our rules or refuse to join our fleets? Well, whatever you want to. […]

Who’s the Bosmang?


Oye, m’beltas! If you’re not familiar, The Expanse is a book and TV series chronicling the adventures of the crew of the Rocinante as they navigate the perils of a war-torn solar system. Throughout, one of main drivers of the plot is the oppression of those who live and work in the asteroid belts. When […]

The Problem with Eve


The significant problem with all of this, and the one big flaw in my mental construct, is that the amount of players who actually care about *the game, their own freedom and the freedom of others,* can be counted on one hand … two if I try really hard. Everyone else only cares about themselves […]

HMA Salutes: Solstice Projekt


Love him or loathe him, if you’ve spent any amount of time in Hek in the past decade you almost certainly know of him. In truth, this is an acknowledgement long overdue. You see, despite having no formal affiliation and having declined my many attempts to recruit him, he is nonetheless the Godfather of the […]

The HMA is Dead, Long Live the HMA


A time comes in every wannabe cartel boss’ life when he has to admit that things just aren’t working. While I still believe in the business model I tried to rollout for Phase 2, I lacked the motivation, organization, and influence to make it a reality. And so, I am humbly walking back those changes […]

How to Run an HMA Public Mining Fleet [Updated]


Although each bosmang has a great deal of autonomy in how they run their fleet, in order to be considered a legitimate HMA Public Mining Fleet there are certain standards that must be met. These standards have been put in place to create consistency in function and appearance in order to create a unified public […]

Mining Safety


A common concern of miners across New Eden is how to do so safely. While there is no such thing as complete safety in this galaxy (and what a boring place it would be if there were) there are things that you can do to reduce the likelihood that you will receive a failure on […]