While the primary goal of the HMA is to drive player engagement, we can only do so with the help of the many corporations that participate in the Hek Mining Association. As with individual pilots, corporations are free to participate as much or as little as they wish with our organization. At minimum, you can simply allow your people to participate. Or, you can be an active part of the friendly neighborhood cartel by actively running fleets and taking part in decision-making and mutual support. The choice is yours. Some benefits of working with the HMA include (but are not limited to):

Recruitment. Recruitment is one of the most powerful benefits of working with the HMA. Each contributing corporation helps us grow the community which in turn feeds back into itself providing a larger pool of pilots from which to recruit. By operating public fleets on behalf of the HMA you get an opportunity to showcase what your corporation has to offer as well as a chance to vet potential members. We also have recruitment channels in our Discord to streamline the process.

Authenticated Discord. Not every corporation is in a position to install and run their own authentication system. However, security can still be a concern. If you find yourself in that position, just reach out to us on the Discord about having your own dedicated channels set up linked to HMASeAT.

Buyback Program. Corporations that cooperate with the HMA are free to place market alts in Hek Mining Association to take advantage of our buyback contracts. This offers the opportunity for acquiring cheap supplies or a little extra profit.

Mutual Aid. The current war declaration system makes it impossible for smaller corporations to compete. However, the HMA has a solution; Rogue Corps. The purpose of this corporation is to act as a holding corp for the combat alts of all participating member corporations. With Alpha-friendly doctrines, your people only need to commit their time and energy rather than their money. With sufficient cooperation, we can muster a significant defensive force.

HMA Structure Network. The purpose of the HMA Structure Network is to allow smaller corporations access to the same structure resources as a larger alliance. To participate, you simply need to donate a structure to Hek Mining Association and commit to participating in Rogue Corps‘ defense of the structures in the network. Currently the HMA Structure Network has been suspended due to hostilities from Minmatar Fleet. Please send any questions or concerns to BearThatCares.