In June 2012, the capsuleer known then only as James315 declared that he was the owner of the Halaima ice belts and issued the THE NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT. In the ten years since, his message has spread throughout New Eden and inspired generations of capsuleers to wage war against bots and bot-aspirants in his name and the name of the New Order. Although the man himself now resides in Valhalla, if this be a fair and just universe, others have taken on the obligation of continuing his work. Without question, the most successful of these has been Princess Aiko Danuja, the leader of Safety. Her organization has gathered the remnants of the New Order under their banner and established herself as the de facto guardian of the Code.

The Hek Mining Association respectfully disagrees. The fact of the matter is that, through her actions, Aiko has show a deep misunderstanding of what the Code is. The Code did not come into being through James315. He merely adopted, and adapted to his environment, a universal truth that has existed since life first took hold. It has been discovered time and again by philosophers, priests, scholars, and scientists. Charles Darwin described it as natural selection. Herbert Spencer described it as survival of the fittest. James315 understood that what he was doing was genuinely in the best interest of the miners. He culled the herd so the strong could survive. Princess Aiko seeks nothing less than the complete eradication of the mining caste.

As the Steward of Hek, it is my duty to maintain our adherence to the Code until such a time as a worthy successor shall rise. With the Hek Mining Association at my side, we will adhere to our own Code; the Hek Code of Content. Our Code is elegant in both its brevity and its breadth. It is, as follows.

Anything that can be destroyed, should be destroyed.
But, don’t be an asshole.

Winston Enderas, Steward of Hek

The meaning of this is simple. It is our moral obligation to destroy that which can be destroyed. Only in doing so can we purify the weakness of the world and allow those that remain to grow and thrive. However, we must always understand that our actions are not meant to create pain. As such, we must always approach our task with kindness, not malice. We seek to build up, not to tear down. To educate, not eradicate. Our ultimate goal is the betterment of all humankind.

Adapt, or Die.