Founded by Minmatar devoted to the cause of personal freedom, The Rogues fight to protect the weak against the strong and the righteous against the wicked. They do this by any means necessary, always walking the fine line between heroes and villains. Officially, the Rogue corporate family consists of RogueCorp which provides industrial and logistical support and Rogue Corps which takes part in Faction Warfare on the side of the Tribal Liberation Force. As an organization, our primary goal is to find new pilots and help them to become the best version of themselves. We look forward to the opportunity to fly with you. As one of The Rogues, you will always have someone to watch your back. For an extra 1,000,000 SP don’t forget to use a buddy link.

The Rogue Promise

First, we exist to serve you. Everything we undergo as a corporation is completely optional. We have no mandatory fleet operations and no requirements regarding how often or long you fly with us. We will only take what you choose to give.

Second, you will always have a home here. We see ourselves as a stepping stone on your larger journey and we encourage you to move on to a new corporation once you have an understanding of what you enjoy. However, once a Rogue always a Rogue. If you decide that you wish to rejoin, or just fly with us, you will always be welcome.