For individual pilots, participation in the HMA requires nothing more than joining an HMA Fleet and following our Fleet Rules. Although recruitment is a major goal of the organizations that run these fleets, you should never feel obligated to leave your current corporation. For pilots that wish to get more involved, there are a variety of opportunities available including:

Chatting With Us. Our Discord is a great place to meet other pilots, find a corporation, get help, locate content, or just shoot the shit. We encourage folks to authenticate in HMASeAT for convenience and security but this is optional. If you need to, just sit in the Pilot’s Lounge and wait for a drag into comms.

Running Fleets. All of our fleets are run by volunteers. In many cases, they are representatives of larger organizations that use the HMA as part of their recruitment efforts. However, individual pilots who just want to share their time, experience, or skills are encouraged to do so. When running a fleet on behalf of the HMA we ask that you adhere to our Fleet Standards to help ensure a consistent experience for our participants.

Writing For Our Blog. Although subject to editorial review, everyone is invited to share their thoughts and opinions in the form of blog articles here at the Rogue’s Gallery. Anything related to internet spaceships, the Rogue lifestyle, or whatever is more than welcome.

Creating Propaganda. You know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. We love it when people put together images and videos that highlight (or mock) our mission and values. So make something, and see it in our gallery.

Creating Video Content for RogueCorp Studios. RogueCorp Studios is the official YouTube channel of RogueCorp and the HMA. If you are interested in assisting with the product of HDI: Eve videos and other content or just have video captures you think could be useful, let us know.

Donating. The HMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping promote player engagement in Hek and the surrounding systems. As such we welcome donations of all kinds. For more information, see our Donations page.