Since our founding, RogueCorp and the Hek Mining Association have had the opportunity to touch the lives of a great many capsuleers. If you’re wondering if we are the right organization for you, consider what these folks had to say.

In a way, HMA has been all about the mining for me. It was mainly about making friends, hanging out, and doing stuff. The constant public mining fleets were a perfect way to do that.

Sakanne Kujaki

The HMA is dying and should rightly do so. Poor leadership and just a pathetic background. Literally a wanna be safety. but somehow worse.


Explosions on Gnosis’ and lasers-holes in Rifters
Bright cruise missiles and warm mining crystals
Big battleships tied up with drones
These are a few of my favorite things.

What is the HMA in my opinion?
The HMA is a collective of corporations and people who want to have a good time and get rich.

What is the HMA to me?
– It allows me to chat my nonsense to a larger number of people who generally humour me.
– It helps me get involved in activities which may not be my corporations forte/may require larger groups.
– A good way to meet new, likeminded (or not) people.
– Very useful barometer when travelling around the region.
– Always something to get involved with.

What I would like to see from the HMA?
– Gang signs.
– Help getting into industry perhaps?


It was already dying because me and other well liked fleet commanders left, he`s now imposing a “fee” for joining the HMA alongside teaming up with SAFETY now(in other words its pretty much a ransom “if you dont pay the fee, we will blow you up”) its fun watching the HMA implode from the inside due to poor leadership

Hananeri Muvilla

I think without the HMA, I wouldn’t of gotten my Orca. It sounds daft, but I don’t think I’d of had the motivation. Mining was the slowest method to getting where I wanted to be, but I think it was 50% of also getting to know everyone too so I think I’m grateful for the HMA and the buyback scheme was part of trusting the process and the people.

Kaito Subaru

I don’t have time to be much more active than I am. Life is a lot these days. I love my part-time anarcho-capitalism simulator. HMA is part of that.

Faen Sarn

Hek is a large field boasting the finest of mushrooms. Each type of mushroom is a type of ore/ice/etc. Some mushrooms grow underground in caves (lowesc/Null), some down crazy gopher tunnels (wormholes). Miners are rabbits who find the mushrooms and trade them to the foxes (haulers) for blowjobs. Eagles and hawks (gankers) soar overhead searching for rabbits to skullfuck. The HMA are a gang of squirrells who roam the treetops at the edge of the field and keep watch over everything. The squirrels can call in a snake-launching assassin badger (Cover Ship) to take out an onery hawk. Sometimes the squirrells summon the mighty Capybara (orca) whose medolius tunes and groovy dance moves make the rabbits hunt faster and more efficiently (as long as they stay within range of the Capybara). The rabbits will often tip the capybara with sips of water or blowjobs.

The goal of the HMA is:
To make sure the field runs smoothly. To teach the rabbits how to look out for hawks. To teach the first steps of exploring underground and down gopher holes. To parley with the hawks, and to learn from them. To be grateful to the rain (CCP), for the rain brings mushrooms. To make sure above all else, no matter the cost, at the end of the day…we all get blowjobs.

Tanis Crimson

I like the HMA because they support capybaras, oh and hound of greys give me my phoenix back.

Raspin Manin Forter