General Rules

  1. Talk about Fight Club as much as possible.
  2. Pod killing is not allowed.
  3. Warping out is automatically considered as surrender, with the obvious exception of pods.
  4. Loot rights cannot be claimed. Complaints regarding loot will be ignored.
  5. Fights take place on a “pickup” basis. To pick up a fight, talk to any pilot in the Hek Mining Association chat channel or The Arena Discord channel and establish the rules of engagement.
  6. All pilots have the right to refuse duel challenges at any time.
  7. If there is an active referee, fighting will commence after the referee gives their permission, following a set of ship scans to ensure that all participating pilots’ ships conform to the rules.
  8. After each fight, all relevant kill reports must be posted in the Hek Mining Association channel and/or the The Arena Discord channel.
  9. Treat participants with respect. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. No more than 3 warnings may be issued to those who exhibit such behavior.
  10. All rule violations can result in exclusion from HFC at the discretion of HFC staff.

Baseline Fitting Rules

  1. Only Tech 1 Standard frigates/destroyers/cruisers are allowed. Only Autocannons, Blasters, Pulse Lasers or Rockets are allowed. No Artillery, Beam Lasers, Light Missiles or Railguns. NOTE: All ammo types and Combat Drones are allowed.
  2. Remote assistance is not allowed. Fighting will immediately cease if Remote Repairs, Remote Sensor Boosters, Remote Tracking Links, Command Burst Bonuses, or any other form of external assistance is applied to either of the participants’ ships. NOTE: you can elect to ignore these fitting rules if your opponent is in full agreement.