Amygdala Farms, a wholly owned subsidiary of RogueCorp, is on the cutting edge of skill extraction technology. They harvest only the finest cerebrospinal fluid, interneurons, and data-enriched nanites before running them through their patented refinement process based on secret Triglavian technology. This multi-stage chemical and computational process ensures that all residual memories are removed reducing the likelihood of assimilatory psychosis to near zero percent. They then add our proprietary blend of 11 hormones and neurotransmitters to ensure the optimum mental state for a pleasant and efficient absorption process.

However, there is more here then meets the eye. If you dig deeper you may uncover their horrible secret; Project Revenant. Inspired by the work of Sansha Kuvakei and building on the technological advances behind Alpha clones and skill extraction, they have developed a process for turning capsuleers into weapons. Although they retain access to their full capabilities, these pilots are under complete and total control of their handlers. Early live fire exercises have proven successful and they are eager to scale their project to meet the demands of the market. As such, they are always eager to find new volunteers.

Why Join Us?

You should join Amygdala Farms if you are looking to support the HMA on the battlefield, are looking to craft a disposable alt with which to commit nefarious deeds, or if you are interested in learning how to subsidize your account with SP Farming.