HMA Public Mining fleets will always be free and open to all capsuleers. And, if you aren’t a capsuleer yet, here is an invitation. However, corporations are strongly encouraged to become members of the Hek Mining Association in order to take advantage of a number of exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Blanket immunity from HMA sanctions.
  • Free access to all HMA structures.
  • Ship Replacement Program.
  • Access to our defensive fleet.
  • Access to private HMA Fleets.
  • Access to members-only Discord channels.
  • Access to personal corporation Discord channels (if requested). Available only to Yearly Members.

To enroll your corporation in the HMA:

  1. Authorize your character in HMASeAT.
  2. Submit the below application.
  3. Once approved, transfer your Membership Fees to Marent Vincent Broderick.

Once your membership is approved, it is recommended that you indicate your affiliation with the HMA by including a link to the Hek Mining Association channel in your corporation description. An example is seen below:

</font><font size="14" color="#ffff0000"><b>╒════════════════HMA════════════════╕</b><br></font><font size="14" color="#ff00ffff">  We follow the new </font><font size="14" color="#ffffe400"><loc><a href="">Hek Code of Content</a></loc></font><font size="14" color="#ff00ffff"><br>      Member, </font><font size="14" color="#ff6868e1"><a href="joinChannel:player_fdea5f70866011eb8cf99abe94f5b483">Hek Mining Association</a>     <br></font><font size="14" color="#ff00ffff"><i>  "If you want to mine, you can go to </font><font size="14" color="#ffd98d00"><loc><a href="showinfo:5//30002053">Hek</a></loc></font><font size="14" color="#ff00ffff">."</i><br></font><font size="14" color="#ffff0000"><b>╘════════════════HMA════════════════╛</b></font>