Fleet Rules

HMA Public Fleets are open to anyone who wishes to join them. However, participation is contingent on the observance of fleet rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the fleet and resulting sanctions. Multiple, or particularly egregious, failures to comply may result in the offending pilot, corporation, or alliance being prohibited from participation in future fleets. Each bosmang is free to run their fleet as they choose, but below are our standard rules. Any variation of these rules should be indicated in the fleet MOTD. You are reading that, right?

Rule #1 – Don’t Be An Asshole
This should be fairly self-explanatory. If it’s not, you may be an asshole. Examples of asshole behavior include, but are not limited to, excessive profanity, unwanted sexual advances, hate speech, and channel spam. This rule is deliberately vague. It is up to the discretion of the bosmang as to what behavior is acceptable in their fleet.

Rule #2 – Don’t Be A Bot
Multi-boxing and the occasional trip to the bathroom is more than acceptable, but we require a real person at the helm. Botting does nothing but hurt the actual human miners we support.

Rule #3 – Don’t Damage Fleet Members Or Equipment
Excepting for violations of these fleet rules, fleet membership is sacrosanct. Joining fleet with the express intention of killing fleet members is grounds for immediate blacklisting. If you have beef with another pilot, leave and deal with it.

Rule #4 – Don’t Steal From Fleet Members
This includes, but is not limited to, such things as scooping other pilots’ cans, failure to pay buybacks as agreed, or refusing to pay any agreed structure fees for private moons.

Rule #5 – Don’t Deploy Personal MTUs
This interferes with collection and In-Space Buyback as well as facilitating theft. Only the bosmang, or their designee, should be deploying a Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) during fleet operations. Any unauthorized MTUs may be subject to immediate destruction.

Rule #6 – Do Read The MOTD
It’s hard enough keeping these fleets running smoothly without having to answer questions that have already been answered. Don’t be that guy. If you’re not familiar, the Message Of The Day (MOTD) is a wall of text that appears at the top of the fleet chat window. It often contains the answers to your most pressing questions. If you need to refresh it, just hit the in the top right and Reload Channel’s MOTD.

Rule #7 – Do Respect Right Of Way
Whenever possible, avoid mining rocks that are already being mined. When in doubt, biggest ship wins. In particular, avoid the Bosmang’s rocks since they cannot move without disabling compression and reducing boost range. Generally, those will be identified with an X. To clarify, as the number of available rocks dwindles pilots are both allowed and encouraged to mine any available rocks.

Rule #8 – Do Tip Your Bosmang
The skills and equipment to run an HMA Fleet takes many months and billions of ISK to acquire. So, if you’d like to keep mining twice as fast for one hundred times as long, it is highly recommended that you compensate your bosmangs accordingly. Assuming maximum boosts and compression, the suggested donation is 25% in Ore or ISK. However, both the act and the amount is voluntary so only pay what you can comfortably afford. Additionally, new pilots should focus on saving their ISK towards upgraded mining equipment.

Rule #9 – Do Fly At Your Own Risk
It’s safer to fly with us than not, but things can happen. Although most fleets have security personal present to prevent ganking, we cannot guarantee your safety. Ultimately, in Eve Online, if you lose your ship you have no one to blame but yourself. It is also recommended that you confirm that the fleet you are joining meets our fleet standards found below. Being in an unauthorized fleet can be more dangerous than not being in one at at all. When in doubt, come check with us on the Discord.

Rule #10 – Do Share The Fleet
Our community is our strength. The more people involved, the safer and more prosperous we all become.

Fleet Standards

As a Bosmang, you are responsible for the direction of your fleet. As such, you have the final decision regarding who participates in your fleets and the rules by which it operates. However, keep the following best practices in mind to ensure that you meet the standards for HMA Fleets. Failure to adhere to these standards could result in sanctions being applied to any participants.

Anyone can run a fleet. Although it is recommended that you pass control to a senior bosmang on request, everyone is encouraged to take their hand at running a fleet. However, any fleet that fails to adhere to these standards could be consider unauthorized and subject to standard sanctions.

Clear Rules. Any variation with the standard Fleet Rules, as defined above, needs to be clearly defined in the Fleet MotD. For example, if your fleet has a no-ganking policy that should be clearly spelled out to prevent incidents.

Fleets should be free. With few exceptions, an HMA Fleet should be free to participate in. A standard exception would be in the case of privately owned mining structures. In those cases, the owner of the structure may request a reasonable fee to cover the cost of providing moon ore. Failure to respect that requirement could be grounds for removal from fleet as violation of Rule #4.

No Advertising Competing Organizations. Hopefully, this is fairly obvious. You should not be advertising for any competing organizations. You are, of course, welcome to advertise your corporation or alliance as the sponsor of your fleet. To clarify, a competing organization is considered to be any in-game or out-of-game group whose primary purpose is to coordinate public activities. Links to corp ads, corp websites, discords, or recruitment channels whose primary purpose is to build internal membership is acceptable.

Combine Fleets, when practical. Ideally, there should only be one HMA Public Fleet for any particular activity. Consider using additional wings and squads to break larger fleets into smaller groups.

Fleet comes first. HMA Fleets are strict NPSI. While a member of the fleet, you should be immune to aggression from other fleet members. Likewise, anyone outside of the fleet should be considered fair game. To clarify, you are not expected to shoot at any pilots who are blue to you. Likewise, you are expected not to engage fellow fleet members excepting in violation of fleet rules.

Fleets should be clearly identifiable and accessible. HMA Fleets should clearly be HMA Fleets. Minimum requirements include referring to the HMA or Hek Mining Association in the fleet name as well as linking the Hek Mining Association in-game channel in the Fleet Description, the MotD, or both (ideally). Public Fleets should also be accessible to all excepting those with negative standings due to known aggression. For an example of proper fleet set-up, click here.

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