Member Rules

In order for your corporation to maintain their membership privileges in the HMA, your members must adhere to the following rules.

Don’t be an asshole. This should be fairly self-explanatory. If it’s not, you may be an asshole.

Do not interfere with HMA Fleet Operations. Interfering with HMA Fleet Operations in any way is prohibited. Although members are not required to join fleets, it is highly recommended that they do so to avoid accidentally violating this rule.

Fleet Rules

HMA Public Fleets are open to anyone who wishes to join them. However, participation is contingent on the observance of fleet rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the fleet. Multiple (or particularly egregious) failures to comply may result in the offending pilot, corporation, or alliance being added to our HMA Blacklist and prohibited from participation in future fleets. Each bosmang is free to run their fleet as they choose, but below are our fairly standard rules.

Don’t be an asshole. This should be fairly self-explanatory. If it’s not, you may be an asshole.

Don’t be a bot. We are a social club, after all.

Do not shoot fleet members. Excepting for violations of the other rules, fleet membership is sacrosanct. Joining fleet with the express intention of killing fleet members is grounds for immediate blacklisting.

Do not steal from fleet members. This includes such things as scooping cans or failure to pay buybacks as agreed.

Do not shoot our MTU. It’s a real pain in the ass and will get you shot.

Do not deploy personal MTUs. This interferes with collection.

Read the MotD. It’s hard enough keeping these fleets running smoothly without having to answer questions that have already been answered.

Fly at your own risk. It’s safer to be with us but things happen. If you lose your ship, you have no one to blame but yourself. It is recommend that you consult with the HMA Blacklist as well as our Discord to verify that you are joining an official HMA Public Fleet.

Share the fleet. Our community is our strength. The more people involved, the safer and more prosperous we all become.

Additional guidelines for Bosmangs

As a Bosmang, you are responsible for the direction of your fleet. As such, you have the final decision regarding who participates in your fleets and the rules by which it operates. However, keep the following best practices in mind.

Anyone can run a fleet. Although it is recommended that you pass control to an approved Bosmang on request, everyone is encouraged to take their hand at running a fleet.

Adhere to the blacklist. Entities on the blacklist are there for a reason. It is not recommended that you allow them into an HMA Public Fleet.

Fleets should be free. With few exceptions, an HMA Public Fleet should be free to participate in.

Fleets should be clearly identifiable and accessible. HMA Public Fleets should be clearly HMA Public Fleets. For guidance on proper fleet set-up, click here.

HMA Rules and Regulations Quiz

This quiz is intended to test your understanding of the HMA Rules and Regulations. Successful completion is a requirement for becoming an official Bosmang.

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