Echoes of Reason, Intrigue, Mercenaries, and The Azbel. 


The ongoing conflict between Nebula Industries Frozen Assets, and FL33T in EVE Online takes another captivating twist with the introduction of The Azbel Proposition. In a surprising move, Sn3aky Viking reaches out to FL33T, specifically addressing [FL33T] BearThatCares. His proposal to sell his Azbel in Hek adds a layer of unexpected diplomacy, further complicating the […]

The Dangers of False Claims


In the world of online engagement, across various platforms, there’s a concerning trend that has emerged: individuals who falsely claim harassment or fear for their safety. This behavior can be not only misleading but also harmful to genuine cases and the online community at large. When someone, whether they are streaming, sharing on social media, or […]

Conqueror of the Void: C-Type Mining, Moonfield Raids, and Pinot Noir’s Fine Bouquet


In the vast, uncharted expanse of the virtual galaxy, there lies a realm where miners, adventurers, and conquerors alike converge to stake their claim on precious resources. This is the world of C-Type Mining, where we embark on daring moonfield raids with a glass of fine Pinot Noir in hand. Join us as we delve […]

Honoring the Falcon, Blackbird, and Rook: Guardians of the Cosmos


Out in the endless expanse of space, there are heroes who keep watch, quiet and strong. They’re the Falcon, the Blackbird, and the Rook—ships that protect miners silently, making the cosmos a safer place. Let’s give them a salute, for their legacy is woven into our prosperity. Watchers in the Shadows: Wrapped in mystery, these […]

Embracing Morality in Eve Online: Unveiling the Good, the Bad, and the Unsettling


In the expansive universe of Eve Online, we’re not confined to a single path. Today, we might be a hero; tomorrow, a rogue. Personally, I often lean towards the rogue side. But there’s a twist – being a troublemaker in the game doesn’t mean we’re mischief-makers in real life. Consider this: those causing chaos in […]

Unveiling the HMA: Unity Under Winston Enderas’ Leadership


Ever wondered about the Hek Mining Association (HMA)? It’s a tight-knit group in Eve that’s caught many eyes. What’s their deal? Why the size shifts from tiny to big and back again? And who’s this Winston Enderas guy leading the pack? The HMA has gone from squads of just two to the good ol’ days of […]