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There comes a point in time where every community has a moment of crisis where a battle is fought for its heart and soul. And, judging from the the chaos and toxicity running rampant in our in-game channel, our moment has finally come. I regret to say that I am directly at fault for our current existential dilemma. This shitstorm is a result of a failure of judgement and character on my part. The fact is, I should never have allowed RGC Godfather to have a position of authority. Although I was well aware that his values were not in line with those of our community I brought him onboard regardless. I would like to think that my motives were good but, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

RGC’s relationship with the HMA began, as they often do, with him hanging around our fleets while we mined. Like many, he came to take advantage of some easy killboard padding from the gankers our fleets attract. Sometimes he would join the fleets and sometimes he would not but he was always polite and professional. Despite this, the “If it’s red, it’s dead” philosophy by which he lives was present. When he asked if it was ok for him to kill our own gankers I gave him permission as long he didn’t interfere with the ganks themselves. This was my first mistake.

It was around this time the the rapid growth of both my personal corp, RogueCorp, as well as the HMA, began to take its toll on my available time. And so, I began to search for people to form a management team to delegate some of my responsibilities to. I had filled most of my slots but was still on the lookout for a Director of PvP. Despite my concerns, when RGC Godfather approached me to take that role I accepted his offer. After all, my people needed someone to lead them into battle. And, maybe we could cure him of his aversion to all things red. This was my second mistake.

At first, it had looked like I had made the right choice. RGC Godfather did exactly what I had hoped he would do and folks were starting to get engaged with PvP. However, it didn’t take long before things started to sour. In order to avoid conflict within the HMA, I had given him control of my NPSI community Guerrilla Fleet for his operations. Unfortunately, this was not good enough for RGC and he begin running his fleets under the banner of the HMA. Although this was not ideal for me, I allowed it to continue since I know that channel wasn’t active enough to generate the content he was looking for. This was my third mistake.

It wasn’t long before RGC took it upon himself to act as HMA fleet security, developing bizarre fleet concepts with no regard for our actual security organization and doctrines. Despite being told repeatedly that he was, in no uncertain terms, not in charge of fleet security this continued. He even went so far as to create a dedicated channel, HMA Elite Security, that I was both not informed of but was actually blocked from. Despite his desire to be “security”, when we began implementing actual security measures such as our SeAT authentication he was vocally opposed – going so far as to give up his roles as Director of PvP rather than submit to our scrutiny.

From this point on, it was clear that RGC had gone completely rogue. And yes, the irony is not lost on me. He continued refusing to comply with even our most basic rules, spread lies and misinformation, and generally violated Rule #1 regularly. I had hoped that removing him from our corporation would be the end of the matter but, as we can see, that only fueled the fire. Despite being givien so many chances to correct his behavior, at every opportunity he escalated the situation. The fact is, he never wanted to be a part of the HMA. He wanted the HMA to be a part of him. And when that failed, he decided that he would burn it to the ground.

RGC is the greatest threat we have ever faced not because he is a danger to the members of our organization. Rather, he is a threat to the organization itself. He will not be happy until we are a watered-down remnant of our former self. But, he will not win. He and his followers can throw their tantrums and make their threats but when the dust settles the HMA will be stronger for having fought this battle.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Blues”

  1. what a pile of shit , this obvious incoherant rambling is nothing more than a long list of lies to try cover up winstons failures and try pass the blame of those failure onto someone else in an attempt to divert attention from what is the real problem which winston himself and his overbearing , paranoid and narsasistic personality . winston kicked RGC from the corp because he didnt like someone calling him out on his BS in the hope it would go away , instead it had the opposite effect and resulted in people leaving the corp who also saw through the BS to join RGC , and has resulted in the daily demise of the HMA and rogue that has been caused by no one except winston himself and his unstable actions . do what you will but dont pass the blame and tell lies in an attempt to give yourself some sort of validation . fly safe it looks youre gonna need it . o7

    1. LMAO, I warned ya all about RGC Godfather, I was Ignored, But by the looks of your chat you have even bigger problems now.

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