Introducing Phase 2 of the HMA


Oye M’Beltas, For the past year and a half, the HMA has been a regular feature of Hek and the surrounding systems with our public mining fleets. However, this is only a small part of what is intended for the HMA. From the beginning, I envisioned the HMA as an economic powerhouse – controlling resources, […]

What Does The HMA Mean To You?


As we prepare to move into Phase 2 of the HMA (foreshadowing, much) I would like us all to take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. For myself, the HMA was never about mining. It was about generating content while helping new pilots ease into the world of […]

Enemies vs. Adversaries


Eve Online has a reputation as a toxic cesspit of sociopaths and malcontents. However, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. What outsiders fail to grasp, and what distinguishes a true capsuleer, is that we know that these are only roles that we play. While there will always be people who take things […]

Poll: Is Ganking Good For Eve?


Given the near-constant controversy, I have thrown together a quick poll to try and assess the communities opinion on ganking. UPDATE – Due to abuse of VPNs and Proxies we had to make some changes to our site and reset the polls. Hopefully, it should now more accurately reflect the will of the people. UPDATED […]

Why We Gank


No policy of the HMA creates more division than that we gank other miners. So, why don’t we just stop? Why don’t we reverse-course and declare that the HMA will no longer participate in or tolerate ganking? With a stroke of a metaphorical pen, we could put all of our disagreements aside and live in […]

Where Do We Go From Here?


When I founded the HMA, I did so with the singular goal of driving new-player engagement. To that end, I consider it an unqualified success. Despite the best efforts of our detractors and adversaries, our fleets continue to be a regular sight within Hek and the surrounding systems. However, one cannot deny that we are […]

Have You Bought The Farm?


No aspect of HMA operations is more misunderstood then the role played by Amygdala Farms. And, this is mostly intentional. On its surface, it appears to be a silly little way to add some RP to your SP Farming. And, that is exactly how it started. However, as time progressed, Amygdala Farms proved itself the […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cartel


I would like to start today’s post with an apology on behalf of myself and the HMA. Sakanne Kujaki, our actions – although true to the letter – were not true to the spirit of the HMA. There is a fundamental difference between failure to adhere to our regulations and refusal to adhere to our […]

Authorization Imminent


Oye m’beltas, In the interest of improved security and convenience, member authentication is now being handled by SeAT. Primarily, this is meant to control access to our Discord server but offers additional functionality that will become more relevant as we expend the activities our fleets engage in. This is currently live and we will clear […]

We Are All Winston


It is not uncommon for people to want a figurehead to rally behind. It is human nature to follow a leader whether they gained that position through charisma, competence, luck, or (in my case) persistence. Although deeply flattering, this is actually something I have tried very hard to avoid. It has always been my goal […]