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Currently, Hek and the surrounding systems finds themselves under occupation by hostile forces. Known as the Minmatar Fleet Alliance [FL33T], they come claiming liberation but offer only subjugation. Toward that end, their first goal has been the total eradication of the Hek Mining Association and all those who support us. Perhaps, justifiably so, they see our dedication to improving the lot of independent miners and industrialists as a threat to their agenda. Or, perhaps this is just petty vengeance. Today, I’ll do a quick dive into their possible motivations and why they are doomed to fail.

I first met BearThatCares, leader of FL33T, when he helped us set up HMASeAT in early 2022. Our second interaction was in January of 2023, when we briefly discussed the benefits of working with FL33T and BUILD. However, it was our third interaction which set the wheels in motion towards our current state. It started simply; with the death of an unresponsive Prospect mining in belt with our NPSI Mining Fleet. Bear’s response was as follows:

While I could have perhaps handled this interaction with a little more tact, the truth is that the massive throbbing erection I get when someone threatens us makes it hard to think. You see, FL33T is just the most recent in a long line of those who promise to bring about the end of the HMA. And, like those that have come before, they will fail. The reason is simple. The HMA isn’t just a collection of affiliated corporations and alliances. It is an idea and you can’t kill an idea.

While it’s true that FL33T has a superior military force which allowed them to destroy the HMA Structure Network as well as to intimidate local structure owners, that is only relevant in a military conflict. And, this is not a military conflict as the HMA does not require structures to operate and it exists outside of corporate and alliance hierarchies. The HMA, strictly speaking, is nothing more than a set of rules which define what is and is not an HMA Fleet and the community that has grown around that idea. Years from now, if the servers are still up, someone could stumble upon this blog and start their very own HMA mining fleet. Simply put, there is no one you can kill to make us go away.

While we fully expect FL33T to continue their campaign of misinformation and terrorism into the foreseeable future, trust that the HMA will be there every step of the way. We will never abandon our mission to support the people of Hek and the surrounding systems. Join us in our opposition to these fighters of freedom and together we can…


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