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As a pro-ganking organization, the HMA has our fair share of detractors. However, none have been more vocal nor more venomous than RGC Godfather and his cult of personality. After being kicked from RogueCorp and briefly banned from the HMA for shooting blues (see I’ve Got The Blues), he has made it his life’s mission to bring us down. He has quite literally built his entire in-game identity around his hatred and opposition of us. And, why? Because we respect all forms of game-play and value the success and enjoyment of our people over those who choose not to be. For that great and grievous sin he has decided we must die.

So, you can imagine the sheer joy in his heart when Minmatar Fleet Alliance agreed likewise and decided to put a stop to our friendly neighborhood cartel. Well, they came into Hek with their dicks-a-swinging and demanded, among other things, that no one consort with us devious scoundrels. Obviously, this impacted the HMA in no meaningful way but it did cause Nebula to remove RogueCorp from the alliance. As those in the know know, RogueCorp and Nebula Industries and Frozen Assets have been two of the strongest supporters of the HMA (probably because I am CEO of one of them). So, removing RogueCorp from Nebula was meant to send a clear signal that they had chosen their side.

In the end, it mattered fuck all as they trashed many of the stations anyways (to send a message) and then stood back and let the scavengers come for the rest. So, when the dust settled it was time for RogueCorp to come back home. As one might guess, this did not go over well with RGC Godfather and Company who continued to be disappointed that we refused to die as they had requested. After initially blocking us from the “official” Nebula discord server they simply… went away.

Is this finally the end of the RGC Godfather Saga? One can only hope.

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