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One of the most common criticisms of the HMA is that we are just a wannabe CODE. And, while I don’t personally consider that to be the insult it is intended to be, it is important to understand that this just isn’t true. While the HMA does (very loosely) adhere to our own Hek Code of Content based largely on the underlying concepts which inspired The Code of Jame315, our raison d’etre is to act against such organizations. While we respect ganking and consider it a valid form of gameplay, we believe that such organizations attract and cater to toxic players.

The primary rule of the HMA is “Don’t Be An Asshole” and we strongly believe that it is possible to engage in all aspects of Eve Online gameplay while still adhering to that rule. Eve is a pure PvP game in which you are never safe but it is a game. Everything is permissible within the context of the game but when you start attacking the people behind the keyboard you make the transition from antagonist to asshole. Everyone, regardless of what path they choose to take in New Eden, is deserving of respect and courtesy. While ganking has always been a part of the HMA culture it is tempered by a desire to help pilots improve. We aren’t here to ruin anyone’s game (except maybe Selten and the boys). We just want to encourage a better class of pilots.

While I stand by my belief that Aiko Danuja (heir apparent to the CODE empire) genuinely loves this game and believes in her cause, I cannot agree with their methods. Eve is a hard game in need of hard players but when you knock someone down the response shouldn’t be to keep kicking them. You need to pick them up, dust them off, and show them what they did wrong and how to do better next time. That is how you bring new players into the fold. When I say that getting ganked by the HMA is the best thing that can happen to a new pilot, I sincerely believe that. The HMA wants nothing more than to help new pilots thrive and that gank is just the first step in that direction.

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