Echoes of Reason, Intrigue, Mercenaries, and The Azbel. 

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The ongoing conflict between Nebula Industries Frozen Assets, and FL33T in EVE Online takes another captivating twist with the introduction of The Azbel Proposition. In a surprising move, Sn3aky Viking reaches out to FL33T, specifically addressing [FL33T] BearThatCares. His proposal to sell his Azbel in Hek adds a layer of unexpected diplomacy, further complicating the rich tapestry of reason, mystery, and the looming presence of mercenaries.

A Miner’s Heartfelt Cry:

In a heartfelt letter to BearThatCares, Cushy Butterfield, a simple miner, expresses gratitude for alliances supporting Minmatar industrialists against Amarr oppression. Despite this, Butterfield implores FL33T to reconsider the ongoing war, emphasizing potential consequences for ship construction crucial to the Minmatar struggle. He calls for peace, urging FL33T to redirect efforts against the true Amarr threat.

Bunny Grinder’s Diplomatic Reach Out.

Bunny Grinder of GRINDER INDUSTRIES extends a diplomatic hand to BearThatCares, proposing industrial support, manufacturing, and research. The offer aims at mutual cooperation, navigating the complex web of diplomacy in New Eden.

Sn3aky Viking’s Plea for Azbel Destruction.

Adding an intriguing layer to the narrative, Sn3aky Viking emerges with a plea for the destruction of an Azbel. In a message, he approaches FL33T with an unconventional proposal – offering to sell the Azbel in Hek at a reduced cost. The mysterious motives behind this proposal continue to captivate pilots across the galaxy.

The Mercenary Element.

Despite being paid for their services, mercenaries, particularly Black Flag SRS and this other one, did not get involved in the conflict. Reports indicate that they were massively outnumbered, prompting a strategic decision to stay uninvolved. The prospect of facing overwhelming odds outweighed the monetary incentive, introducing an unexpected turn in the anticipated role of mercenaries in the unfolding conflict.

Community Reflections.

These developments spark lively discussions within the capsuleer community. Pilots engage in debates about the conflict’s direction, the impact of external forces, and the unexpected absence of the mercenaries despite being paid. The EVE Online forums and social media platforms become vibrant arenas for speculation, reflecting the community’s excitement and anticipation.

A Desperate Bid for Peace.

In a surprising turn of events, CONCORD reports a surrender offer from Nebula Industries and Frozen Assets. The terms include a payment of 20 billion ISK to end the war within 24 hours. Pilots across New Eden watch closely as the conflict takes an unexpected turn, leaving questions about the future and potential repercussions for both alliances.

HMA’s Stand Against Predatory Behavior.

President Winston “Winnie” Enderas of the Hek Mining Association (HMA) issues a statement, shedding light on their organization’s principles and mission. The HMA, known for running public NPSI mining fleets in Hek, aims to support independent pilots while fighting against predatory behavior. Bullet points highlight their commitment to independence, non-exploitative practices, and opposition to ganking “outsiders.” The HMA expresses surprise at FL33T’s actions, perceiving them as bullies seeking to exploit local industrialists.


As reason, mystery, mercenaries, unexpected diplomatic propositions, surrender offers, the destruction of assets, and the HMA’s principled stand entwine in the unfolding Nebula-FL33T conflict, the EVE Online universe finds itself in a captivating and ever-evolving narrative. Pilots brace for the next chapter, aware that each move, communication, and proposition shapes the dynamic cosmos of New Eden, where alliances and individual choices hold the power to alter the course of history.

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