HMA Structure Network Shutdown Indefinitely

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Oye M’Beltas,

For the second time in as many months, war has been declared against the Hek Mining Association’s management company, Hek Mining Association. Due to numerical superiority, it seems likely that all community structures currently maintained as part of the HMA Structure Network will be destroyed. As of this time, we have no plans to anchor replacements should this occur. Should they not be destroyed, they will be decommissioned and sold. Simply put, the HMA does not have the resources to provide these facilities to the community without the support of the community. Should circumstances change in the future we will reassess but for now, the HMA Structure Network is no longer part of our immediate plans.

To be clear, this change has no significant impact on the HMA agenda or operations. As a public NPSI mining fleet, we require neither structures nor alliances nor even corporations to operate. We simply need pilots who want to fly with us. And, we never seem to run out of those. So, remember…

If You Want To Mine, You Can Go To Hek!

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