An Open Letter to Minmatar Fleet Alliance and Ushra’Khan

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Minmatar Brothers and Sisters,

Although Caldari by decanting, I have been Minmatar by choice for the past decade. After many nomadic years in support of my found family who fought directly on the front lines of our noble cause, I have settled in Hek. In an effort to continue supporting our work, I established the Hek Mining Association to strengthen our community while remaining true to the independent spirit that burns in the heart of all Matari. So, it saddens me greatly to see not one but two of our great institutions playing the part of the oppressor.

While our methods may be controversial, and we’ve certainly made our share of mistakes, our only real crime is attempting to improve the lot of the common Minmatar. And, as far as I know, that’s only a crime to the Amarr Empire. What makes things worse is that you have chosen not only to target our organization but another local alliance whose only crime was being associated with us. And, in doing so, you are harming the very infrastructure in and industry you claim you are here to protect. At best, you are misguided. At worst, your actions are a deliberate attempt to sabotage our ongoing war efforts. In either case, I question if your leaders are worthy of the trust you and the Minmatar people have placed in them.

Do better.


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