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As part of our efforts toward a more open and public HMA, I am pleased to announce the creation of the HMA Wiki. As most of you know, I tend to play things pretty close to my chest in terms of security and backend operations. Unfortunately, my schedule no longer allows me to be as active in-game as I was when the HMA was established. So, in order to continue our operations with the same level of quality it has become essential to document the processes we use to keep our fleets safe and happy. As an added bonus, this allows everyone to be a part of the HMA think tank. Although, we have developed our processes over two years of constant testing and iteration that does not mean they are perfect. So, if you have something to contribute you are encouraged to do so.

As of this moment, this information dump is far from complete as most of our processes exist solely inside my cavernous skull. However, in time, this Wiki will provide a comprehensive guide on all aspects of our organization from how-to guides to fittings to write-ups of our various programs.

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