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When I founded the HMA, I did so with the singular goal of driving new-player engagement. To that end, I consider it an unqualified success. Despite the best efforts of our detractors and adversaries, our fleets continue to be a regular sight within Hek and the surrounding systems. However, one cannot deny that we are not as active as we have been in the recent past. Although recent events have taken their toll, I would attribute this reduction in fleet participation more to my own lack of lack of involvement.

Since the beginning, the HMA has been driven by my passion and guidance. From a single Orca handing out free boosts, we have grown into a true community. As the steward of that community it is my job to keep us on the right path, a responsibility that I consider both an honor and a privilege. Historically, I have taken on the role of bosmang for the majority of our public mining fleets allowing me to directly impart our culture and values. However, as we’ve grown, I have changed my focus towards setting us up with the tools and infrastructure to manage our expanding community. As I direct result of this, my personal involvement in our fleets has been reduced and our culture diluted by outside influences. In a very real sense, we have been the victims of our own success.

So, where do we go from here? How do we get the HMA back to where it was and set us up for future success? First, we will be reinforcing our traditional values by reasserting ourselves as the “friendly neighborhood cartel” through a focus on regulation of unsanctioned activities. Second, we will expand our content offerings by organizing a wider variety of fleets. Third, we will redefine what it means for corporations to be members of the HMA by distinguishing between HMA Partners and HMA Members. Full details of step three will be upcoming but the general idea is that Partners will limited to a half dozen or so corporations each specializing in particular content of interest to the HMA while Members will be open to all.

I look forward to our continued success and I hope you all are along for the ride.

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