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No aspect of HMA operations is more misunderstood then the role played by Amygdala Farms. And, this is mostly intentional. On its surface, it appears to be a silly little way to add some RP to your SP Farming. And, that is exactly how it started. However, as time progressed, Amygdala Farms proved itself the answer to several important questions.

From the very beginning, ganking has been a fundamental part of the HMA. But, how do you identify a friendly ganker? The obvious answer is that they need to be in fleet. However, for a variety of reasons, fleet security are often not in the same fleet with the miners. So, how can they know who to watch out for and who to ignore? The answer was Amygdala Farms. You see, five million skill points is more than enough for a very well-trained ganking alt. I personally crafted a small army of dedicated ganking toons and put them all into the farm and encouraged our members to do the same. Not only did this allow us to clearly identify friendlies from hostiles, through SP Farming these toons would often pay for themselves.

When the HMA decided it was time to establish our first structure, we faced another question? How do we protect our miners in the case of war-decs? The answer was, of course, to use Amygdala Farms as the holding corporation. However, within a month we had to answer the obvious follow-up question. How can an organization composed of multiple independent, and predominantly industry-focused corporations defend against organized opposition? The answer was, you guessed it, Amygdala Farms. By implementing a doctrine that was alpha-friendly and achievable on day one (with the extra SP from a buddy link) we were able to field dozens of Tornados within days of war being declared. Although our Tatara eventually fell it took the combined efforts of three alliances including Wrecking Machine, the structure-bashing experts.

With the war over, and the primary combat FC gone, Amygdala Farms fell into the shabby and underutilized state it finds itself in today. However, the need for it has not gone away. Simply put, no significant expansion of the HMA will be possible without the organized military force that Amygdala Farms can bring to bare. So, that brings us to our final question? How do we keep our sword sharp and ready during times of peace? The answer to that has been to expand the role of Amygdala Farms once again by making them the official security force of the HMA. At present, doctrines are being established and skill plans created to make sure that all of our three roles can be performed by Alphas and SP Farming Omegas. All we need is you.

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