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I would like to start today’s post with an apology on behalf of myself and the HMA. Sakanne Kujaki, our actions – although true to the letter – were not true to the spirit of the HMA. There is a fundamental difference between failure to adhere to our regulations and refusal to adhere to our regulations. By failing to recognize that distinction, we violated the first rule of our community. We were assholes and for that we are deeply sorry.

However, this incident gives us an opportunity to discuss what makes us different from other organizations. If our slogan “If you want to mine, you can go to Hek.” hadn’t tipped you off already, we are not your traditional mining crew. Where most miners do everything in their power to avoid conflict, we embrace it. Everything we do is with the express purpose of generating content either by creating it, attracting it, or being it. As such, the HMA is a community comprised of members with a wide variety of personalities and play-styles.

At its core, we are a public mining/ganking community. However, as a general rule, we utilize ganking and griefing as a tool to drive player engagement. Eve, like life, is tribal in nature. And, we want to grow our tribe through any means necessary including the threat of violence. However, unlike most Eve tribes, we are deeply inclusive. Anyone who wants to is free to join us with no obligation beyond participation. If you don’t, that is a choice you’ve made. But, there need’s to be a choice.

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