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Oye m’beltas,

In the interest of improved security and convenience, member authentication is now being handled by SeAT. Primarily, this is meant to control access to our Discord server but offers additional functionality that will become more relevant as we expend the activities our fleets engage in. This is currently live and we will clear all manually entered roles effective June 10th. That means that if you have not authenticated and linked your Discord account you will not have access to any secured channels.

To link your Discord account:

1. Go to

2. Select the SSO login you are comfortable using and login using your primary HMA character.

3. Once logged in, go to Connections>Identities and click Join Server.

4. Login to Discord and approve the connection.

A number of our members have expressed concerns about the nature of the scopes we are asking for. Truth be told, I was not expecting this resistance when we implemented the authentication process. The fact is, full API access is a common requirement of most Eve Online organizations as part of routine operational security. However, in the spirit of freedom, I have provided alternative logins with lesser scopes to make sure no one is excluded.

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