Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If there is anything that remains unanswered, don’t hesitate to throw a comment below, reach out to us in-game, or via our Discord.

Can I join your fleet? Yes, as long as you are willing to abide by our Rules and Regulations.

Can I bring my drake? Sure, why not? We honestly don’t care what you bring.

Do I have to pay to join your fleet? Absolutely not. If anyone tries to charge you to be in an HMA Public Mining Fleet, please reach out Winston Enderas as that is a major violation of our rules. That being said, tips are strongly encouraged to offset the time and expense of running boosts and compression.

Do I get paid to be in your fleet? That is up to you. As of right now, our enforcers are strictly volunteers. However, for our miners we do offer a lucrative ore buyback program.

How do I sell my ore to you? Detailed information on our Ore Buyback program can be found in our in-game channel HMA Buyback.

Do I have to sell my ore to you? Absolutely not. Although we consider our buyback program to be a good deal for all involved, your ore is your ore and you are free to do with it as you will.

Should I reprocess my ore? Probably not. Even with perfect skills and implants in the best available structure, you are likely losing value when reprocessing. The majority of High-Sec ore gets exported to Null-Sec and they would prefer the raw ore because it is both easier to transport and produces more minerals when reprocessed at the final destination.

What is the MotD? The MotD (Message of the Day) is the message that appears at the beginning of a text channel and contains useful information. If needed, you can reload the MotD by clicking on Settings in the top left and selecting Reload MotD.

Is mining worth doing? Yes and No. Mining is a terrible way to make ISK. However, it is a simple and relatively low-risk activity suitable for casual players or people looking for a low-attention side activity while multitasking.

What should I be mining? Whatever you feel like. Although the HMA will buy whatever ore you produce we have no particular need for it. That being said, it is always a good idea to check the market values to see what is worth selling.

Do You Guys Mine *Insert Resource Here*? We mine whatever is nearby. In Hek, a Minmatar system, that means things like Veldspar, Plagioclase, and Scordite as well as Ubiquitous Moon Ores and Glacial Mass. For details about what Ore is found where check out Eve University’s guide to Asteroids and Ore or Cerlestes’ Ore Table.

Why do you do this? Personally, I created this organization to generate content and improve the new player experience. Solo mining is both lonely and pointless. And, as an added bonus, the presence of a mining fleet attracts the attention of the more predatory elements in New Eden.

So, we’re bait? In a manner of speaking, yes.

Why should I join your fleets? In addition to just being some fun dudes, we regularly offer free boosts to improve mining yield and tank as well as ore buyback to easily turn all those rocks into ISK. And, if you’re in our fleet we won’t perform a HIT on you.

What’s a HIT? The HIT, or Hull Integrity Test, is a live-fire drill in which one of our enforcers will attempt to destroy your ship via the rapid application of ammunition.

Wait, did you say that you would gank me if I don’t join? I mean, we might. From an RP perspective, the HMA is a cartel. If you want to mine in our systems, you need to be in our fleet.

Do I have to gank miners? Absolutely not. If you are not comfortable with performing HITs, don’t do it. More importantly, if you are interested, don’t do it with your main. Losing a mining ship to a killright is a terrible thing.

Is this fleet just a trick to gank miners? First, good instincts. Second, no. That’s not to say that our fleets are safe but, in our experience, they are safer than most and definitely safer than not being in our fleet.

Do you protect from gankers? In addition to ensuring compliance with our regulatory efforts, our enforcers work to protect our members from hostile forces. Of course, as a public fleet, we don’t require our pilots to take on any particular roles. That means that there is no guarantee of active protection for any particular fleet.

How do boosts work? As long as you stay in fleet and within range of the booster you will gain a bonus to your mining yield (and possibly range) as well as your defenses. Availability, quality, and type of boosts will vary depending on pilots.

How does compression work? Much like boosts, compression requires you to be within range. As long as you are, you have the ability to compress your ore to 1/100 of its normal volume. Remember your ABCs… Always Be Compressing.

Do you guys just mine in High-Sec? Yes and No. Our regular public fleets tend to stick to high-sec systems but trusted regulars may get invites to more lucrative but dangerous opportunities such as low-sec and wormhole mining ops and even “yeet fleets” to exotic destinations such as Pochven or Null-Sec.

Why Hek? There’s just something special about Hek. As a minor trade hub with easy access to both low and null security space, it tends to attract a variety of scoundrels, ne’er-do-wells, and pirates. In addition, it’s security status of 0.5 means that although Concord will respond there is enough of a delay to allow us to engage in enforcement activity.

Can I Run a Fleet? Of course. I strongly encourage anyone interested to start a fleet of their own if there isn’t one running. We have a handy guide on How to Run an HMA Public Mining Fleet. Just be sure to comply with the Fleet Standards found in our Rules & Regulations.

But, I Don’t Like Mining? Me neither, to be honest. Despite the name, mining is only a part of what we do. To find like-minded pilots, consider joining one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) after authenticating in HMASeAT and joining our Discord. Of course, we are always looking for folks interested in running these different fleets.

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