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Citizens, pirates and elitists of Hek, look around!

Whereas the new pilots in this universe have increased in number, traffic to our second-hand trade hub has never been lower. Although only a few sectors around us are labeled as low security, we lack a foothold and none but the most courageous haulers populate those routes today.

The expeditions into the numerous exceptional wormholes found here – which amplify our strategic position within the Universe – are becoming nothing more than suicide missions; no one is huffing gas anymore, and even the archaeologists perish; their shipwrecks and lost cargo often left unlooted.

Recently, a young adventurer shared irrefutable data to two barely guarded reserve banks, and this whole system slept on it. The gambling bots get more attention. The dark cloud of imaginary scam artists plagues the minds in our channels. Low Risk For Low ISK has become the motto of our industries, while the petty criminals parade on the real entrepreneurs. Pathetic.

The Steward of this realm, the philanthropist Winston Enderas, my good friend, gathered many hard working Industrialists together in safety, yet within this strong formation of the HMA there is but one action undertaken: the ever mundane accumulative mantra of mining.

Around Hek, associates are found destroying their own property (worth billions) simply out of boredom, and the elitists just shrug it off. Rich, dishonorable stationary mercenaries label themselves knights yet their clones are too fat to warp their shuttles. Piles of T3 resources are practically rotting in the storage while the wealth is merely used to endure the miserable static state of passive contentment.

If I could personify our spirit, my inspiration leads me to the Market Vulture; supplied with a constant, soothing, barrage of edible rocks that keep the fat scavenger afloat. More. Fucking. Rocks. Even the rats and pirates are more productive.

Have you seen the neighboring systems, with their snowball contacts, ambitious rogues and royal accomplishments? Those mythical places where ships are still used to build, secure and expand?

Let the mining days be over, let the resources be used, let us drop this congratulatory sharade. Let us build, secure, and expand again. Let us raid through our wormholes, let us make moves!

Let us transform that Market Vulture into a Trade Hub Dragon.

It is time for a New Hek Order.

Apply to me now, let us breathe fire.

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