Mining Safety


A common concern of miners across New Eden is how to do so safely. While there is no such thing as complete safety in this galaxy (and what a boring place it would be if there were) there are things that you can do to reduce the likelihood that you will receive a failure on […]

Shooting Up, Part Two


In our last episode, we discussed what would be needed to make the new Eve FPS a success. Today, I’d like to show an example of gameplay from a narrative perspective. Fingers crossed, this is a window into what we can expect. Enjoy. Tom Capsuleer logs in to see his familiar Captain’s Quarters. He sits […]

Shooting Up, Part One


Although far from perfect, Dust 514 was a solid effort that filled a void I didn’t realize I had. For the first time ever, we were able to experience the world of New Eden from the perspective of the boots on the ground. However, despite its aspirations it never quite delivered on the promise of […]

Size Isn’t Everything


One of the hardest concepts for new pilots to grasp is that bigger ships are not better ships. Maybe, it comes from CCP’s PR team really selling those big battles out in null-sec. Maybe, it comes from your more standard MMOs and RPGs where your characters gear and abilities are always improving. But, wherever it […]

The Care and Feeding of Alts


Alts, or alternate characters, are not unique to Eve Online. However, unlike most other games, alts are not only encouraged they are practically essential. In a game where trust is rare and betrayal common, you often have no one you can rely on but yourself. In addition, having an alt can add convenience to tasks […]

The CODE of Content


As I hope you are all aware, the HMA has never and will never issue “permits” in lieu of fleet participation. Our purpose has always and will always be to drive player engagement. So, why do I have this in my bio? Have I, the Steward of Hek and de facto leader of the HMA, […]