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A Clever Forgery

As I hope you are all aware, the HMA has never and will never issue “permits” in lieu of fleet participation. Our purpose has always and will always be to drive player engagement. So, why do I have this in my bio? Have I, the Steward of Hek and de facto leader of the HMA, finally bent the knee to the might of the New Order. Fear not m’beltas. Although, at first glance, this appears to be your everyday mining permit a closer examination will reveal that it is but a clever forgery. First, notice that it declares support not for James 315, the Saviour of Highsec, but for the lesser known capsuleer jamess 315. Our second indication that this is but a clever ruse is that we are supporting the No Order rather than the New Order. This ingenious wordplay is intended to highlight our lack of respect for any assumed authority. However, what I would like to focus on today is that key third element… the new Hek CODE of Content™.

What exactly is the CODE of Content? You won’t find it written down in any dusty tomes or legal archives. The CODE of Content beats strong and true in the heart of all Hekians. It is what connects us throughout Hek and indeed throughout the whole of New Eden. In the words of a master…

Our ally is the Content, and a powerful ally it is. Capsuleers create it, make it grow. Its energy surrounds us, binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Content flow around you. Here, between you, me, the wormholes, the asteroids, yes, even between the hybrid charges and the ship.”

Yoda, Capsuleer Master

In other words, by simply existing in the world of New Eden you are part of the Content. You are creating it for others and, in turn, others are creating it for you. You have no choice in the matter. Your only choice is the kind of content you create. I often say that Eve is a terrible game, but an amazing sandbox. It is the CODE of Content that is the core of the Eve experience. Every time you login you need to ask yourself… “What do I want to experience, today?”

Then you need to make it happen.

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