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Greetings and Salutations, Hekians and outsiders alike. Today marks a new chapter in our journey as we move from a poorly implemented website to a poorly implemented WordPress blog. However, our devotion to generating content for the people of Hek remains as strong as ever. I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone who has come on this strange little trip and give you some idea what to expect going forward. As with most of my endeavors, it is safe to say that you will see a flurry of activity that gradually peters off into months of radio silence. However, during those brief periods of productivity I will be sharing content related to both the Hek Mining Association, our public mining fleet and its more violent sister, Guerrilla Fleet. In addition we will be covering news, opinions, and general shenanigans related to both Hek and the wider world of New Eden. And, much like the HMA, this blog is a public forum. By default, everyone who logs in is granted the role of Contributor which allows you to generate your own posts which will can be shared with the community at large (subject to editorial approval). So, if you’ve got something you want to share or just need to get off your chest feel free to let your creative juices flow.

One thought on “And so, it begins…”

  1. Just as a starting reference, I as a player, may have an account from 2019, But I can assure you I am still in the “beginner” phase of EVE online. No idea if this is the right place to post this testimonial, but here it shall be. And if I’m to be real honest on this, I would have to thank Roguecorp and HMA fleets in general for being so welcoming. Hell, If it wasn’t for said fleets I would have probably been out somewhere being bored, It’s very nice to meet people with similar interests. So, in my own words and recommendation? If you are interested in mining with others? Definitely go to Hek and join up with any HMA fleet that is currently running. Great experience, Great people. You might make a ton of ISK if that’s what you dig. I am Tiklaya, and I proudly support HMA and Roguecorp.

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