Shooting Up, Part Two

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In our last episode, we discussed what would be needed to make the new Eve FPS a success. Today, I’d like to show an example of gameplay from a narrative perspective. Fingers crossed, this is a window into what we can expect. Enjoy.

Tom Capsuleer logs in to see his familiar Captain’s Quarters. He sits down at his Designer Couch (125 Plex) and turns on his Giant Holoscreen (250 Plex). As The Scope plays in the background, he updates his market orders and checks his contracts. When he’s done he takes a moment to check out his new threads before heading down to the local bar to get his RP on. On his way down, he gets a ping that a friend of his needs more dudes. Apparently, the folks who war-dec’d him are planning to capture rather than destroy his structure. He quickly back tracks to his quarters and queues up for the fight. Since he is blue to the Loot Piñata Collective he is automatically matched onto the defense team.

At that same time, in Eve Online, a fleet of Battleships stand prepared to do battle. Loaded into their Frigate Escape Bays are a new kind of deployable; the Drop Ship. Full of Warclone Blanks, once launched they proceed toward the nearest Upwell structure before briefly deploying to deliver their payload. However, in the interim the enemy focuses their fire on said Drop Ships destroying many, but not nearly enough. Those that survive add to the total possible clones available to the Attacking team trying to take over the structure.

Meanwhile, Dick Capsuleer (no relation) has just been uploaded into the Warclone Blank that was forcibly inserted into this hangar. Weapon in hand, he and his comrades exit the Drop Ship and proceed to their objectives. They need to take control of and/or disable numerous control rooms and systems in order to facilitate the hostile takeover of this enemy structure. They are facing an uphill battle as the enemy has practically limitless forces with which to defend while they are limited to only the clones they managed to get onboard. However, if they act with both sound tactics and sound strategy they can even those odds significantly.

Harry Capsuleer (also, no relation) doesn’t have a horse in this race but matchmaking slid him into an open slot on the Defending team. However, he recognizes and hates the shit out of the Loot Piñata Collective and proceeds to murder his teammates. His awoxing does not go unnoticed and the system promptly removes him from the Access List for this structure. When he eventually gets taken out, he fails to upload to a new clone and exits back to the queue. This time he manages to get a spot on the Attacking team and gets to work.

The battle is hard-fought but the Attackers are victorious. The system runs the numbers and determines that the Butthole Pirates are the proud new owners of this gently used Astrahus. Fortunately, the ships outside opted to wait and see and the structure is still present when they win. The repair process continues as normal and Dick Capsuleer and the rest of the Butthole Pirates celebrate their victory at the local pub (assuming it wasn’t destroyed in the battle).

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