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At the HMA we have one rule that stands above all others and forms the core of our values. Don’t be an asshole. It seems straightforward but what does it mean and how does it influence our operations? Specifically, how can an organization that actively welcomes gankers and griefers claim that they are not assholes? Simple… it is because we are dicks.

In the film Team America: World Police, the people of the world are divided into Dicks, Pussies, and Assholes. Those categories could just as easily be applied to Eve players. Pussies clearly represent carebears and their tendency to avoid PvP at all costs. That leaves Dicks and Assholes. So, what separates a Dick from an Asshole. The balls, of course. Both Dicks and Assholes immerse themselves in the brutal world of PvP. But, while a Dick does so for the love of the sport and is always looking for the good fight an Asshole is just looking to ruin someone else’s day.

Don’t be an asshole.

Caution: This video is very much NSFW.

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