Poll: Is Ganking Good For Eve?

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Given the near-constant controversy, I have thrown together a quick poll to try and assess the communities opinion on ganking.

Is Ganking Good For Eve?

UPDATE – Due to abuse of VPNs and Proxies we had to make some changes to our site and reset the polls. Hopefully, it should now more accurately reflect the will of the people.

UPDATED UPDATE – Apparently, even blocking VPNs and Proxies wasn’t enough. So, much for getting an accurate assessment of the community perspective.

If you can’t win, cheat.
The dishonesty continues.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Is Ganking Good For Eve?”

  1. I know I’m late. Ganking is a positive for anyone in eve, especially industrialists. How else would they make money if ships weren’t destroyed?

  2. Eve online once was brilliant. Somewhat unrealistic, but pretty for a normal human to have an adventure. Suddenly, its popularity encouraged morons to play, with no other intent than to terrorise space adventurers to enable their drool to hit the keyboard. Is why a lot of these idiots run down Star Citizen, stating it is carebare territory, simply because the psychotic chemical flood is lessened by a lack of overall grief to the human victim. CCP even has developers and GMs enciting and supporting parasitic players. The most sickening part, apart from me using my time to write these facts, is that I have even read shite suggestions to idolise some of their parasites. That is how pathetic EVE has become. Then, you must understand, EVE is not even a true depiction of a future human existence. Do you honestly believe humans are going to annihilate each other thousands of years from now, and just continue to clone and annihilate the next capsuleer? Lol When we’re allowed to properly play with human genetics, these idiots will quite literally be deleted. But sure, if you want to keep giving your money to a company that is simply entertaining an impossible future and psychos that wouldn’t last 14 seconds in a real war.. I doubt your genetics are going to be on the accepted list either.. even if we survive that long. Peace.

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