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As we prepare to move into Phase 2 of the HMA (foreshadowing, much) I would like us all to take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. For myself, the HMA was never about mining. It was about generating content while helping new pilots ease into the world of New Eden. However, what I would like to know is what the HMA means to you. Feel free to comment on this post, comment on our Discord, send me an In-Game mail, or shoot an email to [email protected] with a response. You could be literal and describe what you think the organization is. Or, you could be more personal and describe the impact the HMA has had on your experience in New Eden. Or, you could do something else entirely. I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

One randomly chosen pilot will win my personal vessel, the Believe it or Yacht.

5 thoughts on “What Does The HMA Mean To You?”

  1. The HMA is dying and should rightly do so. Poor leadership and just a pathetic background. Literally a wanna be safety. but somehow worse.

  2. it was already dying because me and other well liked fleet commanders left, he`s now imposing a “fee” for joining the HMA alongside teaming up with SAFETY now(in other words its pretty much a ransom “if you dont pay the fee, we will blow you up”) its fun watching the HMA implode from the inside due to poor leadership,

    Get this, a while ago a member of the HMA left to start their own fleet with the imposed fee, he mocked it as “a bad idea thats going to fail badly” seems like hes now following suite

    “Winston Enderas > Long story short (and there will be a full write-up on it) the HMA will no longer be free to join. There will be perks to make it worth the fee but there will be a fee. And… there will be a referral bonus. Sooo…. if you get people to join you get half of their first month’s fee.”

    and also following Winston Enderas > Safety. members will also eligible for our referral program. In addition to whatever you collect for yourselves

  3. In a way, HMA has been all about the mining for me. It was mainly about making friends, hanging out, and doing stuff. The constant public mining fleets were a perfect way to do that.

  4. What is the HMA to me?
    From: Yoshidah
    Sent: 2022.09.20 15:37
    To: Winston Enderas,

    Explosions on Gnosis’ and lasers-holes in Rifters
    Bright cruise missiles and warm mining crystals
    Big battleships tied up with drones
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    What is the HMA in my opinion?
    The HMA is a collective of corporations and people who want to have a good time and get rich.

    What is the HMA to me?
    – It allows me to chat my nonsense to a larger number of people who generally humour me.
    – It helps me get involved in activities which may not be my corporations forte/may require larger groups.
    – A good way to meet new, likeminded (or not) people.
    – Very useful barometer when travelling around the region.
    – Always something to get involved with.

    What I would like to see from the HMA?
    – Gang signs.
    – Help getting into industry perhaps?


  5. You can do it and are doing it. So keep up the good work. You are getting new pilots a good start about the eve environment.

    But don’t make it a day job.

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