HMA Open PvP Tournament (December 2022)

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UPDATE – This Tournament is temporarily postponed.

The HMA, in coordination with the Hek Fight Club, is proud to announce the first HMA Open PvP Tournament, starting December 1st at Midnight. The rules are simple. 32 Pilots will be entered into a Single-Elimination tournament. Once pairings are announced, each pilot will have five days to get a killing blow on their opponent. Pilots are encouraged to use every tool in their arsenal to accomplish their goal. Nothing (within the rules of the game) is off-limits and cheating is actively encouraged. Just remember, that it is not enough to simply be on the killmail. You need to get the killing blow. Should neither party succeed they will both be eliminated. The last pilot standing wins the grand prize of 500 Plex.

This tournament is being managed through our community at Challonge. If you’d like to keep track of your statistics across future tournaments, create an account and register at Otherwise, please fill out the form below to be manually added into the event. There is a 100,000,000 ISK Entry Fee to participate which should be sent to Marent Vincent Broderick to complete your registration.

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