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As the Rogue corporate family continues to grow, our need for qualified leadership has never been greater. An organization is only as strong as its people and in order for our people to be strong they need skilled pilots to guide them. Do you have what it takes to be one of them? Or, do you know someone who is? As a Rogue officer, we can provide you with a modest budget, a fancy title, and all the impressionable young pilots you can corrupt. In addition, we are also looking for folks interested in taking on advisory roles as Mentors. Below are the some of the positions we are actively recruiting for. However, if you feel you have something of value to offer that we haven’t considered, please reach out to us.


Director of Cultural Affairs. This position is responsible for promoting and maintaining the Rogue culture. This includes such things as recruiting, advertising, and assisting with developing propaganda and training materials.

Director of Fleet Operations. This position is responsible for establishing fleet doctrines and coordinating with Commanders to prepare our corporations for large-scale engagements.

Director of Industrial Operations. This position is responsible for managing our industrial operations, specifically organizing research and acquisition of blueprints and coordinating corporate projects.


Specialists. If you’ve got a particular knack for some aspect of Eve, share it.

Bosmangs. We’re always looking for more people to run our public mining fleets.

Commanders. If you feel like leading your fellow Rogues into battle, do it.

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