The Hardest Working Man in Hek

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Day 1

It’s hard to believe my three-month rotation is almost up. At the end of this week, I finally get leave to head planet-side and visit my family. Knowing that every wreck I pull in brings me one step closer to them makes all the difference. Don’t get me wrong. I love the work and Winston is just the greatest boss ever but it can get repetitive. Lock. Pull. Store. Repeat. Sometimes, you need that little extra motivation to get you through your day.

Day 2

I must have been exhausted yesterday. I swear, as soon as Winston pulled me back into the HMA Flagship I was lights out. I didn’t even wake up until he had deployed me into belt at the start of my shift. Lock. Pull. Store. Repeat. Just three more days after today. I am so excited to see Francine and little Franky, Jr. He’s growing so big.

Day 3

Winston left me behind… again. But, nothing to worry about. He just has a lot on his mind, a great man like him. He always comes back for me. He’s such a great man and just the best boss.

Day 4

So, he never came back for me. I’ve tried to sleep but I just can’t. I’ve tried hailing the ships that enter the belt but I can’t seem to reach them. Still, I’ve kept myself occupied grabbing the odd wreck they leave behind. Wasteful, these capsuleers. Not like Winston, at all. He always appreciates everything I gather for him. Wait, I think that ship must have noticed me. It’s approaching. What the hell… it’s shooting me! Shields are down! It’s going through my armor! I call for help but no one answers. Winston!? Winston!? My structure if failing fast now. I think this may be my final log. If you find this, please tell my family I love *END OF TRANSMISSION*

Day 1

It’s hard to believe my three-month rotation is almost up…

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