The HMA is Dead, Long Live the HMA

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A time comes in every wannabe cartel boss’ life when he has to admit that things just aren’t working. While I still believe in the business model I tried to rollout for Phase 2, I lacked the motivation, organization, and influence to make it a reality. And so, I am humbly walking back those changes and returning the HMA to something more akin to its original state. I sincerely hope that with this renewed focus on our role as the friendly neighborhood cartel, we can make greater strides towards our goal of making Hek a system worth living in. Today, I would like to take a few moments to discuss what to expect from the new HMA.

First, membership in the HMA will needed to be earned. It will no longer be something that is offered freely nor available for purchase. To become a member of the HMA you need to show that you are committed to the organization and work to uphold its values.

Second, we will focus our efforts on organizing and supporting local corporations and alliances. The success of the HMA is reliant on the success of its members and the local community at large. Toward that end we have built and will continue to build shared resources such as our Discord, HMASeAT, our public calendar, and our network of free structures to help our members and participants thrive.

Third, we will refocus our efforts on mining regulation. While we will always offer the carrot first, we will be sure to have the stick ready when needed. To be clear, this will include your traditional bumping and ganking but also the more inclusive C-Type Mining.

Fourth, we will refocus our efforts on more varied content. Despite the name, the HMA has never really been about mining. It has always been about sharing the eve experience and culture with new player. Mining fleets are just a good jumping off point into the wider world of New Eden.

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