I Quit, Part 2


Now that I have your attention, please allow me to elaborate. I am not quitting Eve. I am not quitting RogueCorp. I am not even really quitting the HMA. However, I am taking a step back and focusing time and energy on my own corporations. The truth is that I’m tired. I am tired of constantly having to justify actions and attitudes that are the norm for Eve Online as if they are somehow controversial or harmful. And, I am tired of putting all of my time and energy into building a community for other people to ransack for their own purposes.

The HMA has been my baby for over two years. In that time, I have adapted and iterated with the goal of making it resilient and self-governing. Despite what people may think, I don’t want to be in charge. I don’t want to run things. I just know that this thing needs to exist and no one else was stepping up to make it happen. Although there is still work to be done, I think the HMA is at a point where it can stand on its own. So, I am stepping back. I will still be here to provide assistance and guidance and I will continue to maintain the infrastructure behind the HMA but my main focus will be on RogueCorp and the Rogue Corps.

Going forward, it will be up to individual pilots to keep the community alive. If you want a fleet, make a fleet. If you don’t, don’t. If you see people not following the rules, show them why that’s a bad idea. Hek is your system, so own it.

If you want to mine, you can go to Hek.


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