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Oye M’beltas,

As mentioned in our anniversary post, one of our main objectives for this year is to develop a program to help provide skill plans, training, financial assistance, and vetting to prospective HMA fleet leaders. While anyone can, and is encouraged to, run an HMA fleet a Bosmang is one who has shown that they both understand our mission and have the necessary skills (both in and out of game) to lead our fleets. More than just a fleet commander, a Bosmang is an ambassador for the HMA and a source of guidance for our people.

The first step in the creation of the Bosmang Learning & Accreditation Program, or BLAP, is documentation of HMA protocols. For a variety of reasons, although primarily laziness masked as security, I have never properly documented how we handle the variety of situations that can occur while running an HMA fleet. Instead I have relied on a sort of on-the-job training to pass that information along. However, an unexpected result of this is that our decisions are sometimes seen as arbitrary when in reality they are the result of years of iteration and development. That isn’t to say they are always right but they always have a purpose.

To help create a consistency of experience, as well as to help instruct pilots participating in the BLAP, I have begin compiling these protocols for distribution. At this time a decision has not been made regarding if our protocols will be made publicly available. I fully expect that they will be leaked if we attempt to keep them secret but that may also be the only way they get read. Expect more information in the coming weeks regarding both our official protocols and the BLAP.

Fly Safe,

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