Voting is live for the CSM Elections.

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It’s that time of year again where we vote for the upcoming Council of Stellar Management. For those who aren’t familiar, the CSM is – in essence – a focus group that CCP consults with regarding the direction of the game. While it is important to understand that they hold no actual authority they do have the ear of CCP and are considered to be a strong indicator of the will of the community. As such, it is important to elect candidates that you feel best represent your interests in Eve Online. While the HMA has no official list of recommended candidates, my personal focus is on improving the new player experience so I will be leaning heavily towards the candidates recommended by Eve Rookies.

Key things to be aware of
1. Voting is limited to Omega accounts.
2. Voting is preferential, so vote for who you want in the order you want them. No vote is wasted.

To vote, just go to and login to your account. For step by step instructions, check out the below video from CCP.

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