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With so much misinformation being spread about the HMA, I would like to take a moment to go over what you can generally expect when you join one of our fleets.

Our Fleets Are Wildly Inconsistent. Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that the HMA is a public community. Anyone who wants to (and follows the rules) is free to run their own HMA Fleets. While the rules cover the essential elements, the exact tone and participation benefits will vary from fleet to fleet. Likewise, as these fleets are run by volunteers the frequency will vary based on the availability and inclination of the bosmangs. You might see a fleet every day… or there might be weeks between a fleet.

Our Fleets Are Free. While we do ask folks to donate to cover operating expenses (and maybe a little extra to keep the bosmangs coming back) we will never require you to pay to be part of one of our fleets. Pay what you can and don’t worry if you can’t. This is especially true of new miners. We would much rather you save your pennies for a shiny new boat.

Our Fleets Are Inclusive. Everyone (who follows the rules) is welcome to be run or participate in our fleets. If you feel like you are not welcome speak up and it will be sorted.

Our Fleets Are Goofy. As a rule, we do not take ourselves too seriously. As such fleet chat tends to get a little crazy and potentially racy. If the conversation ever makes you feel uncomfortable speak up and it will be sorted.

Our Fleets Are Extremely Casual. While hard-core rock hounds are more than welcome, don’t expect peak efficiency from us. Yes, there is compression and boosts but we frequently stay till the last rock and sometimes forget to fill our Heavy Water.

Our Fleets Are Safer (But Not Safe). Statistically, it is safer to be part of an HMA fleet than not (and not just because we gank folks). Often, our fleets have security both visible and hidden to protect against hostile actors. However, you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Ganks Will Happen. Either by us or to us, you will likely see ships explode. Best get used to that idea. Even better is to get involved.

Truthfully, the only way to really understand the HMA is to participate. However, if you’re still on the fence, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions or pop into the Discord and chat. If you’re looking for even more information, see our Recommended Reading of the most important blog posts.

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