War Were Declared


The HMA Structure Network has come under assault. Before the week is out, battles will be waged to determine whether our free community structures stand or fall. And so, we are issuing a call to arms to all interested pilots. As some of you may already know, HMA defense is coordinated through Rogue Corps. If you already have a combat pilot at the ready, consider joining. However, our fleet doctrines are built with new Alpha Pilots in mind. Using the Free SP from a Buddy Link, you can be flying one of our ships on Day One. Although we encourage those who can to bring their own ships, there will be plenty of doctrine ships available. The only barrier to participation is your willingness to take part.

[UPDATE] A Two Billion ISK reward is being offered to take part in the defense of HMA Structures. In the event that our structures are successfully defended this will be distributed to all pilots who actively took part in said defense.

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