An Open Letter to Train Wreck

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While we generously appreciate your offer of surrender, if the HMA is to keep our structures the bill will be paid with bullets and blood. To do otherwise would violate the Hek Code of Content at the heart of our organization. To be clear, we understand that you are a formidable opponent and fully expect that we will lose this war. But, as our code dictates, if something can be destroyed it should be destroyed. If we lack the strength and cunning to defend what is ours, we have no right to it.

Regardless of the outcome of our upcoming battles, we want you to know that we both respect and admire your organization and hope to collaborate with you in the future. We value the contribution you make every day to keep Hek pure of Jita’s influence and wish nothing but the best for your people; both leadership and line. However, we fully intend to make any victory you achieve here as costly as possible.

See you on the battlefield. Until then…

Fly Reckless,

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