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The HMA has a proud history of turning our opponents into our allies. Toward that end, in the afterglow of Train Wreck’s attacks on HMA Structure Network facilities, we attempted to connect with members of the opposition who seemed amenable to our ideology. As you can see from the Hek Mining Association channel’s temporary MotD, that went particularly poorly. While I have no interest in discussing that debacle any further, their message highlights a number of common misconceptions regarding the HMA.

First, while RogueCorp is intrinsically linked with the HMA, it is not the HMA. The HMA is a public community consisting of whomever wishes to participate. It is, quite deliberately, a non-political organization with no formal corporate or alliance affiliations. As long as you are willing to follow the rules you are welcome to get involved. However, due to game mechanics, an associated corporation is necessary. Simply put, an idea can’t own property. Since I am both the President of the HMA and CEO of RogueCorp, it seemed reasonable to utilize one to facilitate the other. But, make no mistake, RogueCorp does not benefit from the HMA more than any other participant. Moreover, we recently acquired the Hek Mining Association corporation and are working to prepare it to take over the role.

Second, while I do enjoy my part as the “head of the family”, if I thought there was someone who could better lead our “friendly neighborhood cartel” I would eagerly pass the baton. As my title “Steward of Hek” implies, I genuinely have little interest in leadership. As far as I am concerned, I am just holding down the fort until a real leader arrives. However, I will continue to do the job until someone qualified appears. I sincerely believe that there is no organization quite like the HMA and I refuse to let its uniqueness be snuffed out by complacency and mediocrity. There are plenty of mining fleets out there, but there is only one Hek Mining Association.

Third, the HMA has never and will never be intimidated by threats of any kind. It is one of the defining traits of the HMA that we are not afraid of violence, either used by us or against us. Sue is not the first, and likely won’t be the last to kick us out of Hek. The idea that ganking could discourage us in some way is as adorable as it is ludicrous. In case it wasn’t clear, the HMA deliberately runs mining fleets in a 0.5 system known for ganking. Ganking is why we’re here. As for blowing up structures in the HMA Structure Network, go for it. That is what they’re there for so take your shot. You can kill an Athanor but you can’t kill an idea.

Fly Reckless,

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