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What’s the deal with the HMA? If you find yourself asking that question, you aren’t alone. From our humble beginnings as a public NPSI mining fleet we have grown into a public NPSI mining fleet. Wait!? That’s not right. We’re so much more than that aren’t we? Of course, we are. Like ogres and onions, the HMA has layers.

On our surface, we are the friendly neighborhood cartel but as you peel us back you find a community of troublemakers and vagabonds all united in our purpose of keeping Hek and New Eden at large interesting. Rather than being the goal of our organization, our public mining fleets are meant to be the doorway into the larger world of eve online and the community that drives it. Over the years, this dichotomy of appearance and intention has lead to a great deal of criticism both of the HMA and my leadership of it. Personally, I feel that most of this criticism stems from the misunderstanding that we are trying to be a mining organization. So, I would like to take some time today to explain the core vision on which I built the HMA.

First and foremost, the HMA is meant to be inclusive. All types of game play and all types of people are welcome and respected. Even if we don’t agree with or personally value a particular type of game play, there is something that can be learned from everyone. All we ask is that the respect that is offered be mutual. We are tolerant to a fault, but we are not afraid to remove problematic people from the community.

Second, the HMA is meant to be engaging. While there is a time and place for some chill-ass rock-munching, the intention of our fleets is to showcase what is exciting about Eve Online. If there aren’t at least occasional explosions you are doing something wrong. As such, we actively seek out conflict. Ideally, we also win those conflicts but that’s just a bonus. As long as something is happening, we are happy.

Third, the HMA is meant to funnel new players into the content that appeals to them. For some, mining is what they are here for. And, that’s ok. However, most players are looking to experience more of what this game has to offer. This is why we care so much about finding partners who do a variety of content. And, this is why we care so much about the branding of HMA fleets and the presence of competing organizations. The funnel works both ways. By driving our participants into a central destination and community we increase the likelihood of finding the right people for them.

It is my hope that understanding what is at stake will help to clarify why I refuse to compromise our ideals. The HMA is not going anywhere but we do our best work when we have the power of community behind us. I know that there are those out there saying that we are bad for Eve but nothing could be further from the truth. Everything we do is meant to help grow and strengthen the game that we love.

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