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Although not as prolific as some, over the past several years we’ve put out enough blog posts to make it difficult for our newer participants to know what is truly important. While I consider all of our posts worth reading there are some that provide distinctive guidance and insight regarding how the HMA operates. To help separate the signal from the noise, I present the following articles as recommended reading for everyone who wants to take part in our friendly neighborhood cartel.

HMA; TLDR: A (very) brief summary of the HMA.
Why “Join” The HMA?: This post explains the benefits of participating in the HMA.
Mining Safety: This post provided guidance on safer mining.
Why We Gank: This post explains the reasoning behind the HMAs most controversial practice.
HMA Enforcement: This post explains the many facets of HMA Enforcement.
Enforcing Compliance: This post explains tactics and practices for dealing with our competition (Fleet/System Security).
The Importance of Tipping: This post explains why tipping is so essential to maintaining regular fleets.
How to Run an HMA Public Mining Fleet: The post provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure an HMA-Compliant mining fleet.
HMASeAT Authentication: This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to authenticate your account, connect it with our Discord, and join any Special Interest Groups (SIGs) you may wish to take part in.
Discord Channel Guide: This post will help you navigate our Discord.

[Last Updated 6/29/2023]

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