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If you’re like most of our members, you often find yourself thinking “I love this narcissistic power fantasy Winston has going on but how can I personally contribute to feeding his massive ego.” Well, ask no more. Today, I will shed some insight on the inner workings of HMA Enforcement and how you too can do your part to keep Hek and the surrounding systems a safer and more regulated space. While we are frequently dismissed as just miners who gank people, this is not the complete picture of our operations. In truth, HMA Enforcement is a multi-faceted endeavor requiring a variety of skills and aptitudes and suitable for players of all ages.

Fleet Security
These are our boots on the ground, so to speak. Their job is to ensure that our fleets are safe from threats both internal and external. Fleet security is further divided into Reactive and Proactive. Reactive security ideally takes the form of either ECM ships such as Griffins, Kitsune, Blackbirds, and Falcons or fast-locking High-DPS ships although the former is far more effective. For security reasons, our reactive security forces – especially, our Kitsunes and Falcons – often operate outside the fleet to prevent them from being warped to by internal hostile forces. Proactive security works to ensure that there are no unaffiliated pilots operating in our immediate area. This both reinforces our position as the friendly neighborhood cartel and prevents those pilots from scanning or providing warp-ins for external hostile forces.

System Security
System security operates solo or in small groups to ensure that there are no unaffiliated pilots operating within Hek and the surrounding systems. Although we leave specifics to the individual pilots’ discretion, this job is as much an outreach program as it is compliance-enforcement. We are less looking for targets and more looking for recruits and trainees. However, we will still eliminate non-compliant pilots as we consider them to be direct competition for our organization.

Port Security
Port security operates solo or in small groups to watch out for threats at major stations and structures. This can include both unaffiliated suspects and criminals as well as unaffiliated pilots operating in an unsafe manner. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, autopiloting and excessive cargo liability.

Structure Security
Structure security is called upon as needed to defend friendly structures and attack enemy structures. Their primary purpose is to defend our HMA Structure Network but they will gladly come to the aid of those in need in our area. However, should a corporation or alliance prove unable to properly manage or maintain a structure we will declare that structure condemned at which point it will need to be added to the HMA Structure Network or destroyed at their discretion.

Internal Compliance
This is where things get really interesting. The job of Internal Compliance is to infiltrate local organizations to ensure that they are operating in accordance with all HMA Rules & Regulations. They are to report any non-compliant operations as well as any threats to our organization. Although Operation: Sneaky Viking has proved extremely valuable in providing actionable intelligence, there is always room for more spais. Although your service will largely go unrecognized, know that it is essential to our long-term success.

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