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Rogue’s Gallery, our public Discord server, is in many ways the center of our community. As such, we are constantly tweaking and updating it to make it place where people want to be. To help you make the most of this happening place, here is a guide to the channels and how to use them. If you find that any of these channels do not function as expected, please let us know.

#rules_of_engagement: This is your run of the mill rules page as well providing guidance on HMASeAT Authentication and a list of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). You can’t post here and we don’t ask you to agree to the terms (since you already did when you joined the server)

#announcements: This is where we post server announcements, blog post notifications, and event notifications. You can’t post here either.

Pilot’s Lounge: This is our main public voice channel. As you may have guessed, it’s a place to lounge while you are waiting for something to do. Like all good lounges, it features some chill music to enjoy. However, if it doesn’t suit your tastes, feel free to right click on The DJ to Mute or reduce their volume.

Private Room ➕: This is used by a bot to generate a personal chat channel when you click on it. Feel free to use this for whatever your heart desires from ad-hoc private fleets to playing games online. You should be able to drag folks into these channels from the Pilot’s Lounge.

Battle Comms: This is a voice channel for RogueCorp and those with the @Ally role for use during war time. Those with the @Bosmang role as well can also move folks from the Pilot’s Lounge as needed.

This where your private rooms go when you make them. Check out TempBot for guidance on how to customize these channels to meet your needs.

#notifications: This is where any Discord notifications go and is only visible to @Administrator users. You’re not missing much.

#intel: This is a chat channel used by RogueCorp and those with the @Ally role to provide intelligence information pertaining to local threats and to coordinate war efforts. If you can’t see it, you aren’t blue.

#the_council: This is a chat channel used by everyone with the @Bosmang and @Booster and @Adminstrator roles to discuss activities and issues that affect the community as a whole. And yes, you can absolutely buy your way into this inner circle.

This channel is used by those with the @Streamer role to enter text information for easy inclusion into a stream using the Discord Streamkit. Delete and update the message as needed.

#studio_chat: This is a place for those with the @Streamer role to discuss and coordinate activities.

The Studio: This is an easy way for those with the @🎏Now Streaming🎏 role to bring folks onto your stream from the Pilot’s Lounge.

Note – The @🎏Now Streaming🎏 role is automatically assigned to anyone with the @Streamer role when the server detects that they’ve started a stream. It will also appear at the top of the member list for any channels you are in.

This is where private Corporate and Alliance channels reside. If you are interested in having your own private channels on our server, let us know.

#👋introductions: This channel is for introducing yourself and welcoming new members to our server.

#🗨chat: A general chat channel for when you’re feeling social. Try and keep things civil and pleasant. And, for the love of god, if you think you’re gonna go on a rant make a thread.

#🤣meme_chat: Like 🗨chat but with pictures. As a rule, we try to communicate solely via memes and gifs.

🦁the_zoo: Pictures of cute animals and capybara.

🖼gallery: Here’s a place to share you cool screenshots (or your art if you’re feeling so inclined.

🤖the_laboratory: This channel is for using any bots we’ve added to the server.

🎲fun_and_games: This is a forum where you can discuss your favorite non-eve games and perhaps find someone to play with. In a private room, perhaps?

📺media: A place to discuss your favorite media as well as to get notifications when our favorite streamers go live.

🔞the-pit: A place for no-holds-barred conversation. I can’t guarantee you won’t get blocked by people for what you say here but nothing will be considered in violation of server rules. That being said, we will report any credible evidence of criminal activity as required by law. 18+ Only.

🔞nsfw: Your standard naughty fun-time channel. Please be polite and keep anything explicit hidden behind ||Spoiler Tags||. 18+ Only.

All HMA channels are locked behind HMASeAT authentication for security reasons. For guidance on getting authenticated see HMASeAT Authentication.

#recruitment: Those with the @Officer role (Directors, Diplomats, and Communications Officers) can post recruitment threads here for @Everyone to see and respond to.

#hma_chat: A general chat for the HMA. Please keep this on the topic of internet spaceships.

#abyssals: A place for those with the @SIG: Abyssals role to discuss abyssal deadspace and pochven and to get pinged for fleets by a @Bosmang.

#enforcement: A place for those with the @SIG: Enforcement role to discuss ganking, griefing, and other nefarious deeds and to get pinged for fleets by a @Bosmang.

#enforcement: A place for those with the @SIG: Enforcement role to discuss gan abyssal deadspace and pochven and to get pinged for fleets by a @Bosmang.

#exploration: A place for those with the @SIG: Exploration role to discuss wormholes either for business or pleasure and to get pinged for fleets by a @Bosmang.

#faction_warfare: A place for those with the @SIG: Faction Warfare role to discuss faction warfare and to get pinged for fleets by a @Bosmang.

Note – The HMA officially endorses the Minmatar Republic.

#incursion: A place for those with the @SIG: Incursion role to discuss incursions and to get pinged for fleets by a The Outuni Project.

#industry: A place for those with the @SIG: Industry role to discuss manufacturing, invention, and other industrial activities. Receives Order pings from the Alliance Industry Planner in HMASeAT.

#missions: A place for those with the @SIG: Missions role to discuss missions including fits and strategy and to get pinged for fleets by @Bosmang

HMA Comms: Voice Comms for our HMA Public Fleets. Users with the @Authenticated role can move anyone over to this channel. Only @Authenticated users can use voice activity.

The Forum: A place for holding town halls and other open public meetings. Accessible to all.

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